Sunday, June 24, 2007

Beautiful Friend

I took some photos with my best friend, Jenny, yesterday. She is taking a photography class this summer, and it's been so wonderful to share this passion with her! I met her at her friends house, and we took some photo's of thier little girl, and then I took a ton of Jenny! Jenny and I have been best friends for 17 years now. It's been an amazing journey together, and I love this woman with my entire heart.

Meet both Jenny and Destiny.


Sarah Renée said...

Ohh! Destiny is so ADORABLe!! I really like that shot of Jenny against the blue wall!

Sarah Barlow said...

These are gorgeous Beth! Wow!! Can't wait to see you tomorrow! :) Love you!

Ginger Murray said...

i really like the blue wall photo too!
And look at those blonde curls..CUTE!!

Morgan Matters said...

awwwwe sweet baby! photos are way cute :)

kristen leigh photography said...

pretty, pretty, pretty!!!
only a few more weeks until I am back!