Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weekend Overload!

This has been the most fabulous weekend. Not only did I get to shoot a wedding with Sarah, Kristen (and Andrew!) on Friday, but I met the most amazing people yesterday at a workshop/model shoot that we did! There are so many wonderful people in this business and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each and every one of them. I met Morgan yesterday, from Indy, Tricia, who I believe just moved her business up here from Georgia, and two fabulous models, Steve and Sarah. Natalie and Andrew Barlow modeled for us too!

Here are just a few favorites from Josh and Lindsay's wedding two weeks ago. I'll post photos from Logan and Liz' wedding yesterday and a lot of yesterday's photos later!


Sarah Barlow said...

OMG!! AMAZING TIME!! I got home last night and was like...I just LOVE my friends/interns soooo much!
Can't wait to see some of the pics!
Love the pics from the wedding too!

Sarah Renée said...

Aww, SO good! I'm so glad I met you yesterday Beth!! It didn't even feel like I just met you cuz you're so easy to get along with! I know what you mean about the industry, there are so many quality people in photography! :) Hope to see you again soon!! Keep in touch!

Natalie Joy said...

That was soooo much fun! Seriously!!! It was so great getting to know YOU better:)
Cant wait to see the pics!!! AH!:)

kristen leigh photography said...

oooohh. I miss everyone so much! We had a blast, did we not?

Can't wait for August!!!

Stacy Cross said...

I love the flower girl shot you got - way to go!