Sunday, July 15, 2007

Jim and Jen

Jim and Jen's wedding was wonderful, and very personal. It was both of their second weddings, and they each had their children stand up with them. Jen has four children, and Jim had three. I loved that during their ceremony, the pastor asked them if they would work to provide a safe, loving home for their children, and if they would do everything possible to make their families one - to which they responded "we do". And then the pastor asked the children if they would do everything possible to support their parents, and love and accept each other - to which they responded "we do". It was an incredibly touching moment to watch these two families commit to each other. Jim and Jen wrote vows that they each repeated, and my favorite line was the very first one - "You are my favorite moment of each day". There was a dress catastrophe before the ceremony. One of Jim's daughters had her dress zipper break! Hilary came with me to do tech stuff for me and she ran the daughter to TJ Max to buy another dress! Luckily they had the dress, albeit one size to large! It was a deep breathing moment for Jen but she handled it so well! Here are the photo's from the day...


Sarah Renée said...

I love that quote:
"You are my favorite moment of each day"


Goooood shots! :)

Sarah Barlow said...

Beth you amaze me all the time!
These are wonderful pictures!!! The couple will love these so much!

Andrew Barlow said...

wow... Amazing, incredible, uh... phenomenal... hmm what else is there??? lol
I'm so proud of you Beth!!! AMAZING shots!!!!!

Stacy Cross said...

Great work! These are beautiful. :) Love the ones of the cutie patootie flower girls!!

Dustie said...

I'm a total stranger who delightfully stumbled across your site while searching for domain names. These are amazing photos, as are the flowers from the botanical garden. I'm a 53 year old happily married woman, but you made me wish I were young again, getting married for the first time so I could hire you to do my photos!

Wonderful photography and I wish you the best of succeess!

Dustie Meads