Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tony and Valerie

This wedding is especially close to my heart because Tony and Valerie's engagment session is the very first time I shot with Sarah. They were such an amazing couple then, and so much fun to shoot, and so passionately in love with each other. It was amazing how that passion reflected in their eyes. They made me fall in love even more with my photos because of that passion I saw.

Tony and Valerie got married at an AMAZING art gallery North of the loop last Saturday. I think my mouth hung open for the majority of the day. It was an absolutely incredible gallery, and such a completely perfect fit for them! They had a huuuge wedding party, and it was literally a party all day with them! Hahah! It was a great group of people, and so incredibly fun. We had a small fit of bad weather, which created some really cool photos.

Tony and Valerie - I wish you both the best, and am so grateful to have been a part of your day!


Sarah Barlow said...

Soooo awesome Beth!! You are just so amazing! I'm SOOOO blessed to have such amazing second shooters! Gosh!! :) Can't wait for Saturday! Love you!

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful photos, dear. They had amazing flowers, a gorgeous location and whoever the ring bearer adorable!!