Sunday, September 9, 2007

Dave and Laura

I had the most incredible shoot with Dave and Laura yesterday! I went to youth group with Dave in highschool, and I can't beleive that he's getting married! This was my first time officially meeting Laura, and I can't get over how beautiful this woman is! They are getting married next June, and I have the incredible priveledge of being a part of their day. I loved watching the two of them together and just seeing the tenderness that they have, and the readily apparent love that they have for each other. Laura has the most expressive eyes, and I think Dave melts every single time she looks at him!

Dave and Laura - I'm so happy for you both, and can't wait for next June!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Catch Up!

I've been so far behind! I spent a lot of time this weekend cleaning off my computer, backing up files, and finally finished two slideshows!

I just have to say - this has been the most amazing summer! I have met some of the most amazing couples, and have developed friendships that I can't imagine not having now. To name a few people, Sarah - you have given me a way to live my dream, and I hope to be able to re-pay you for that some day. Kristen - I love laughing with you, and eating free cheesecake! Morgan - I am so stinking thrilled that you are in my town for the next month. I can't wait for our first time out :)

This slideshow is of Andy and Meghan. These two were the cutest ever! Andy is just a big teddy bear and Meghan is this tiny (and unbelievably buff!) sweetheart. They made an amazing couple, and were a lot of fun to photograph. Even the drizzle couldn't stop some really great photos!

And this is JB and Julie. They had incredible weather and great locations! The trolley riding is the best idea ever...I recommend it to everyone!! JB's sister was incredibly sweet and they were obviously very close. They had the sweetest kids at the wedding too!! One little guy especially - let me tell you - I could have taken a million photos of him!

I have a photoshop on Saturday with Dave and Laura! They got engaged a few weeks ago, and booked me for their wedding next June! I'm so excited for the shoot...stay tuned!