Sunday, September 9, 2007

Dave and Laura

I had the most incredible shoot with Dave and Laura yesterday! I went to youth group with Dave in highschool, and I can't beleive that he's getting married! This was my first time officially meeting Laura, and I can't get over how beautiful this woman is! They are getting married next June, and I have the incredible priveledge of being a part of their day. I loved watching the two of them together and just seeing the tenderness that they have, and the readily apparent love that they have for each other. Laura has the most expressive eyes, and I think Dave melts every single time she looks at him!

Dave and Laura - I'm so happy for you both, and can't wait for next June!


Ginger Murray said...

You nailed it when you said you could see the tenderness between them. You caputred that SO well in these pics!
Loved #51, and the ones of them sitting on the ground with the sun coming between their heads.
Really great work, and great job capturing them!

Sarah Barlow said...

INCREDIBLE INCREDIBLE job Beth!! You just simply amaze me!! You really nailed this one! :) I love you and miss you so much!!

Mellimage said...

Great work.
BTW - if you do not mind me saying that - not only she is cute - he's a hottie too.
but anyways, well done pics, very expressive, I am sure the couple loves them.

Ginger Murray said...

Hey Beth!
Thanks for the comment!

Chavia said...

Thanks for the compliments..I enjoyed looking through a few of your slideshows!