Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Scott and Tatiana

I just realized how long it's been since my last post! I'm definitely way behind on posting photos!

I will re-start my blogging with this amazing shoot with Scott and Tatiana. They are getting married in March, and I absolutely can not wait for their wedding! They are such an incredibly fun couple, and we had a blast shooting! They make each other laugh so easily, and they were just so CUTE! They both attend Olivette Nazerine University and drove up to Naperville for the photos. The riverwalk may be my new favorite place to shoot. It was so pretty and secluded even though it's a public place.

Scott and Tatiana - you compliment each other so well, and even in the short time I got to spend with you, I could see that the love you have for each other runs deep. I'm so excited for the wedding!


Morgan Matters said...


I miss you!

AWESOME job! P.S. Can't wait till we shoot weddings together next year :)

Ivy Young said...

i was wondering if you did Senior pics.I love the scott and Tashiana pic!I know both of them!They are beautiful pics. Eamil me back at so that way I know if you do senior pics