Sunday, December 2, 2007

Catching Up

So! After weeks of learning a really fast (or not so fast...) crash course of HTML editing and CS3 - here's the new blog! Thanks for your patience as I edited. Let me know what you think!

In the last three weeks of no blogging - here is an update!

I have booked a December 22nd wedding! I'm so excited for a Christmas wedding!! Julie and Scott are wonderful people, and I'm really excited to shoot them! They decided that they would rather have a post-wedding shoot instead of an engagement shoot, so I'm gearing up for a Vogue type of shoot in January! I'm really excited about it! Look for thier wedding photos right around Christmas time..

I did a family shoot about 6 weeks ago, and just realized I haven't posted anything for it yet. The Paulsons are great friends of my family and it was fun to take thier photos. Here are a couple of snipits!

I have been immensely blessed to have a second family in my life. I have been best friends with Jenny (you can't miss her..she's the gorgeous brunette) for 17 years now, and have been around the family for longer than the rest of the kids! I've been adopted! They are amazing, loving, giving people and they mean the world to me. My parents used to joke with them about who got to claim me as a dependant on the taxed that year :) I think I slept at Jenny's house at LEAST 3 nights a week growing up. I was able to take some photos for them for Christmas this year and I'm going to take all of the "kids" out individually soon...they just don't know it yet! Here are some of my favorites....

These two wonderful people are my Oma and Opa. They adopted me too as thier grandchild 17 years ago and have loved me to peices ever since then!

That about catches up my life! I'm off to a family dinner at P.F. Changs!


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Abby said...

I'm so impressed! I love it (and you!).

Anonymous said...

wow! what a cute family! those Paulson's are so photogenic to begin with, but you drew out even more character...the sign of a great photographer, no doubt!

much love,