Monday, December 31, 2007

Dave and Laura Part 2!!

Dave and Laura are the best ever! They let me drag them out for a second engagement shoot in the freezing snow! I love this couple to no end. Laura has become an AMAZING friend to me, and Dave just absolutely cracks me up!! They are a perfect compliment to each other and I love getting these private glimpses into their life and relationship. I didn't take very many photographs due to the sub-freezing temperatures, but I absolutely adore what we got! Here are just a few of my favorites!

Dave...being the funny man that he thinks he is (wink wink) thought that I should be a part of the snowfighting activities and almost got me!!


David said...

First the pics are amazing. Great job! Second I did get you with the snowball.

joy. said...

Those are some of my favorite pictures you've ever taken. So gorgeous.

Ginger Murray said...

I love snow photos!! Nice work!

Stacy Cross said...

Beautiful job, girl! :) Love the look of the blog, too! :)
Snow pics are awesome!