Sunday, January 13, 2008

Meredith and Nate

The first time I met Meredith, I had been dating Nick for about a month and a half, and picked Mere and her mom up on Christmas Eve to take them to her grandparents for Christmas festivites with family. Nick was already there (at the grandparents) with his dad, so I grabbed the girls from his house and we headed over. I was driving my sisters car that day though, as mine was getting oil changed or something like that, and my sister is not the neatest person in the world! Meredith sat in the back seat, in khaki colored pants, and something must have spilled on the seat at some point, because Mere got out of the car with a big mark on the bottom of her pants! What a way to meet my boyfriends sister!

Thankfully, in the two years that have passed, that event is long hidden in my memory and I have come to love this girl to death. She is an immensley upbeat, loving and genuine person and her laugh is quite infectious! I love this girl for a lot of reasons - but let's face it...the curly hair has forever tied to us together! :)

I first met Nate over Christmas this year, and absolutely LOVE watching him with Meredith. And the stories that I've!! He is an unbelievable romantic.

I asked them if I could take photos of them and was thrilled when they agreed! I really enjoyed having this more intimate look into their relationship together. Meredith laughs at everything, including herself, and Nate plays with her so well. I had a blast taking these photos, and laughed more than once looking at the results of the shoot!