Saturday, February 2, 2008

1154 LILL and Passion Fruit Sangria

I am SO overdue for a post!

For Christmas, my oldest sister and her husband gave me a gift certificate for 1154 LILL. It's a purse design shop up on Armitage and Halsted - and it's SO MUCH FUN!!! They have so many different designs to choose from and more fabric than is possible to take in!

We were finally able to go last Friday and spend almost two hours looking at fabrics, settling on "final choices" only to decide that we reallllly liked another fabric and started all over again! After agonizing decisions were made, we finally settled on our picks - and I absolutely can not wait for February 16th to come so I can pick mine up!!

I just bought myself a new point and shoot, and brought it with me - so these photos are from that. Not too bad eh?

Our purse-making adventure was followed by starbucks and window shopping in every store on Armitage. There are a LOT of paper stores up there, and the never ending boutique shops. We headed to Cafe Bar Ba Ba Reeba for dinner of amazing sangria and tapas. Passion fruit sangria is my newest favorite drink. It reminds me summer nights sitting outside with friends...and let me tell you, three months into a Chicago winter...that's an amazing thought!

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Leanne! said...

That's a cool store...I've never heard of it before but it seems like a lot of fun!