Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Chicago Winters

The groundhog saw it's shadow, which means we have six weeks of winter left, and it's coming full force!!! Crystal Lake got 8 inches of snow! 8!!!! I remember BEGGING for days like this when I was little, but somehow, it loses it's magic when you're older and driving in it. :) I took these on my way home from work this afternoon, which is a testament at how slowly we were moving. I love having that point and shoot with me all the time now! More photos!!

My best friend is coming to visit this weekend from Florida and I'm really excited about it. It did occur to me though that we have this all wrong...I should be leaving the cold to go to the warm - not the other way around! I'm sure I will have a million photos to post from our time together. She grew up about 90 minutes from downtown but has never actually BEEN downtown. I have no idea how she managed to go through life like that....hahah!! I'm going to have the time of my life introducing her to my city :) Stay tuned for photos! She's beautiful so you'll definitely want to check the photos out :)

1 comment:

joy. said...

your pictures make the winter seem beautiful, when in fact it is a RUTHLESS, VILE season.

How bout some pictures of changing your tire in mush?