Friday, February 15, 2008

My heart came to Chicago!

This girl......

This one.
She is my heart.
Ashley and I have by far the strangest story to the beginning of our friendship. We met for approximately four minutes through a mutual friend that I was visiting for the weekend at the Honor Academy in Texas several years ago. We emailed a little bit back and forth for a long time and then about a year ago, we started gmail chatting at work here and there during the day (in the middle of our hectic days!) and that has grown into living our lives talking at every spare moment possible!! Up until last weekend we actually haven't SEEN each other in something like four years!!!
This girl knows everything about me...inside out! She loves me unconditionally and uncontrollably. She encourages me, listens to me on my whiny days, laughs with me at the stupidest things and lets me serenade her with our favorite song - Belly Dancer by Akon!! This woman is my heart, my kindred spirit and one of my best friends.
We had an eventful weekend including a flat tire, frozen fuel lines, potbelly, the aquarium, the hancock, and more talking than should be possible in that short amount of time. Here are just a few shots from my point and shoot!


Sarah Renée said...

Looks like a fun time! :) I take it things are goin well for ya, eh?

Aww, I love that picture along the coast of Lake Michigan! Sigh, I heart Chicago....your pictures make me miss it :)

Mellimage said...

I had hoped to see the windy city again this year, but doesn't look like it at the moment (other than a layover at the airport). What a shame!