Sunday, March 16, 2008

Scott and Tatiana

Scott and Tatiana's wedding yesterday was amazing!! I absolutely LOVE those two!! The day started with the girls at the salon for hair and makeup, which they miraculously got done on time, then on to the church for dressing and last minute touch ups! The ceremony was beautiful, and officiated by Scotts father, which made it intimate and special. Tatiana's parents were wonderful all day long and such a joy to be with! Everybody there loved everybody there!! It was such a great atmosphere all day! I laughed a lot listening to the stories being told and the love shared between these two. Scott said something to me while we were taking thier couple shots...I made a comment about how great they were together and he said "she's really good for me. She lightens me up." It was such a simple statement, said with such deep love and admiration for this woman that he just pledged his life too, and it just touched me so much.

Scott and Tatiana, I am so thrilled for you both and pray for your love to grow and deepen as the years go by. Thank you so much for this opportunity to be a part of your wedding - you have both blessed me by your love.


Laura said...

You are amazing.. and I hope you know that. What a blessing you are to each couple that has had the opportunity to call your their photographer. How fortunate I feel to call you that.. and more than that, a dear friend.

By the way, I am SOOOOO RIDICULOUSLY excited for you and Nick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will beat us by 19 days!! Haha!

Sarah Barlow said...

BETH!!! YOU are incredible my dear!!! Amazing job on this wedding!! Don't 5d's just make your life so much more worth living???