Friday, March 21, 2008

Our Story

I started my new job at Spank! Music and Sound Design on June 21, 2004. I was thrilled about this new job, my new apartment on Michigan Avenue, and the world that was before me. We all (all of the 5 people I worked with) went to lunch that day, and I walked next to Nick some of the way thinking "MAN! he's hott!!" He unfortunatly had a girlfriend BUT! it was the start of a really amazing friendship. He worked three days a week at the office, and over time they became the three days I'd look forward to the most. We had our little inside jokes, our games, and our lunchtime routines of going running together. As his relationship ended, and our friendship grew.....this is our story.

We started to spend hours on the phone together at night. Literally. We'd be up until 2 a.m. talking, and then see each other 7 hours later at the office and just talk more. I walked into work on my birthday in 2005, and started my morning just like every other. Nick came in for the day and placed a cookie tin on my desk with a card on top. He had been up for hours the night before making me chocolate mint cookies for my birthday :) He asked if I would go to dinner with him that Saturday and I, of course, said yes! That Saturday, long story short, we ended up at dinner with his parents and his brother and fiancee (now wife)!! It gave us the best first date story :) Our first date ended with our first kiss - something that I still remember like it was yesterday.

I very distintly remember laying on my sisters bed talking to him just a few short days after that first date thinking to myself "this is the man I'm going to marry one day."

Well. A little over two years later...I'm marrying that man.


It has been the CRAZIEST week of my life!!! Nick proposed to me last Saturday night when I got back from Scott and Tatiana's wedding. I pulled into his driveway and there was a sign on his door saying "I remember it all..." There were roses and candles leading in a trail up the stairs and down the hall to his room with more signs posted on the wall "our first date...our first kiss...our trips...we've come so far...but now it's time to take the next step".

Girls - you can understand that feeling. I started crying as soon as I read that. My brain was screaming at me to not forget anything of this moment, while at the same time being totally incapable of grasping what was going on!

I opened the door and there he was. This man that I have learned to love more than anything else. This man that I trust with my life and my heart. This man that makes my toes curl with every kiss, and my heart melt with every touch. There he was - surrounded by candles.

He got down on one knee and started to cry and said the most romantic things in the world that I can really only paraphase at this point. The words that he said next are forever in my mind..

"Will you be my wife?"

(this is the girls all start screaming with delight!)

We're getting married June 1st!! Just a short 10 weeks and 2 days from today, and I will be Mrs. Nicholas DeCaluwe.

I just don't even know how to tell you ..... I love this man!!!!!


Laura said...

I LOVE THIS!!!!!! Seriously though.. I think we have twin rings! Haha. I am SO SO excited for you.. he did a great job!

I'm excited to see you so we can gush about this in person! Love you!

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Morgan Matters said...


joy. said...

I'll just continue the screaming, if you don't mind.