Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Time Has Come!

We're here in Bettendorf, IA! We're an hour and 25 minutes away from meeting up with the LOVELY bride and her party for a morning of girl stuff - hair, makeup, laughing! The snow showers held off for the night, and it looks pretty promising so far this morning for a little warmer weather!!

Today is the start of BethLaurren Photography's 2008 schedule! Dates are booking fast!!

Our favorite quotes of the morning:
"on an active earthquake line....earthquakes aren't active!", "We should dead anyone....kill! kill anyone!" It's been an early morning with little sleep - things are bound to get exciting around here - starting with spilled hot chocolate, complicated waffle machines and losing hair mousse!!


Ivy Young said...

this was an amazing wedding. I look forward to seeing the pictures up on here.

Abby said...

I'd like to know...are these quotes of the day Lange originals? My favorite one is about "deading" people. Not spoken correctly, and yet, somehow, still totally accurate. :)