Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Whirlwind Planning!!!

First of all - anyone that says it takes 6 months to plan a wedding should hire me as their coordinator! We've got everything but a musician booked...after only 11 days after getting engaged!

This has been THE MOST exciting season of life!! Everything from the random stranger in the elevator gushing over my ring, to the feeling of trying on the first wedding dress, to the congratulations from the caterer (yes, I know it's just good business practices for them but everything seems just that more exciting right now!!), to the girlfriends that call for status's been amazing. I'm normally a really happy person in the first place, but lately all I seem to do is smile like an idiot. All the time. And it's amazing!

Yesterday I went with my mom and my oldest sister to the Nicole Miller boutique downtown. Another of my sisters had been looking around online months ago and found this dress and emailed it to me with a note that said something like "this is your dress!" I looked at this dress and had my very first "light from heaven" moment. This dress was BEAUTIFUL. I've had a photo of it hanging on my freezer door (it got put away every time Nick was at the house) for months. Well. Yesterday we went to try it on, and it was MADE for me. I couldn't believe it!!!! It was beautiful and elegant and exactly what I was looking for!!

So now I'm thinking that since my bridesmaids are in teal (jersey dresses from Victoria Secret of all places :) ), I might try to find a funky pair of teal shoes! It's the perfect compliment to my already insanely colorful wedding!!

Excuse me now while I go smile my way through my work day....

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

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