Saturday, April 12, 2008

Photographer in Training.....

Nick had his first experience with the glory of a 5D! The puppy earned the right to be the first subject. I'll have Nick out with me at weddings in no time!! Hubby and wife together! haha!!!

We've hit a few snags in the road in planning. We got quotes back for having everything at Promontory Point, and were completely shocked by the price. of last Tuesday, I had 7 weeks and 5 days to completely re-vamp everything! Needless to say, there were many tears, much stress, and yet! I'm still getting married in 7 weeks and 1 day :) Life will go on!! I think we've found a new place to have it all!! Hotel Baker downtown St. Charles, is BEAUTIFUL and amazing, and their coordinator has been amazing to work with. I'm going with my mom and our friend Sue Paulson on Tuesday to look at it and hopefully put a deposit down! I need to get invitations out so I need a location!! Hahah! This is why brides give themselves months to plan.... But even in the midst of all of these changes, I am having the time of my life planning this.

My man is sick right now with the worlds worse case of the flu. I was in the ER with him for a few hours yesterday getting some fluids in him. I NEVER want to get a phone call like that heart stopped when he said that he was being sent to the hospital. UGH! He's coming around though a little bit thankfully!!
I'm so in love with this man.


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