Friday, April 25, 2008

Week 5:

We're in the "5 weeks and [insert number] days!" stretch! Let's see....we are officially book at Hotel Baker for 11:00 a.m. June 1st! That is the most "sigh of relief" moment for me! It got crazy there for awhile with switching locations. Hotel Baker is a beautiful location, right off the river and we reserved the beeeautiful Rainbow Room for the ceremony/reception. My dress is ready in about two weeks, invitations (finally!) are being mailed today, I'm already breaking in both shoe options that I have, flowers are ordered (by the way to all you brides out there, I STRONGLY recommend bridesnblooms for flowers...I am absolutely in love with them!), and the showers are starting! I got the first UPS delivered gift earlier this week and begged...literally mom to let me open it. She couldn't resist my cute little face, so I tore open the box and found our everyday dinner plates inside!! They are white, square plates, and brought me so much happiness *sigh*. Haha!

I am just having the time of my LIFE with this. It was a little stressful with the location change, but other than's just been so much fun!! I've loved talking with (most of the) vendors, and dragging my mom and sister all over creation for dress shopping, location viewing, vendor meetings etc. My momma has been amazing throughout this whole process, and Abby has endured about 12,000 phone calls :) lol! I only get to do this wedding thing once, and I'm making the most of it!!

The beautiful and illustrious SarahAnne Photography and Justin and Mary have put on the "Spread the Love" workshop this week. Sarah asked Nick and I to come model for an engagement shoot on Wednesday and the photos are starting to roll in! I love them all!! Shyla was there too....I felt like I was meeting a celebrity! lol! I check her blog everyday and absolutely adore her, and let me tell you....she is every bit as amazing in person as she is on her blog!! Here are two links, one for Justin and Mary, and one for Laurie with photos! I'll keep you updated as more photos come up!

I stole this one from Justin and Mary!

And this one from Laurie!

The first of the showers start tonight - girlfriends only for this one :) I'm uber excited about it, especially when my best friend and Maid of Honor asked me to bring my martini glasses with me...this bodes well for my favorite drink!!

I'm seriously considering expanding my wedding services from just photography to planning too. I seriously have loved all the "little details" involved with this!!
Happy Friday!


Krista Photography said...

Beth it was great to meet you! I just posted a few pics on my blog too :) said...

Hi Beth! Wonderful meeting you. I posted a few images on my blog if you want to take a peek.

Best wishes!!!

Sara Goetz said...

Hey Beth,

I stumbled across your blog (somehow :-)) and I have to say I just LOVE these pix!!! But even more, I love your dress!!!!! Where did you find it :-)

You take beautiful pictures yourself!!