Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Eric and Tricia Engaged!

When I asked Eric and Tricia how 'this' happened - the love, relationship and engagement - they're answer was simple "we missed each other". Both of them served 18 months overseas, one in the army and one in the national guard, and when they got back...the rest was history!

They share such a sweet sweet love. I loved watching Eric just smile at her in adoration, and Tricia gazing at him with sparkling eyes. When Tricia's goofy side came out, Eric just laughs at her and shakes his head. They fit so perfectly together, balancing each other out.

I'm so excited for your August wedding you guys!! And I don't want to hear one more word about your photogenic abilities...I wanted to pick 200 photos for this slideshow!


Anonymous said...

I used to work with your sister Gwen and she introduced me to your blog page. Seriously, ever since, I feel like I am constantly stalking your pictures but I have to say that I am IN LOVE with all of them. You are amazing at what you do and I just had to comment and tell you that! And congrats on the engagement!

- Melissa

Sarah Barlow said...

I LOVE THESE!! So hot!! Especially the super warm ones under the bridge and the ones in front of the silver door!! Just all of them! haha! Love you!! 9 more days baby!!!! :)

joy. said...

Beautiful! Just beautiful.

jetkvoirin said...

Kathy V.
I LOVE your photography! Your work is amazing! You capture emotions along with the pictures. I FEEL your quality and the people are beautiful. What great moments captured in pictures! Your work is awesome. You have been given a special talent! Good luck on doing Erik & Tricia's wedding. Can't wait to see those pictures!!1