Monday, May 19, 2008

Tricia and Eric: Sneak Preview

I had to post just a few from Tricia and Eric's engagement shoot today. This shoot has been rescheduled an unbelievable amount of times due to the weather, but Tricia and I agreed that it turned out that today was the prettiest of every day we've scheduled it for!

One of the first words out of Tricia's mouth today was "we're not photogenic".

Well...I'm sorry to tell you, my beautiful bride...but you are VERY photogenic. I still can't get over how beautiful you are. Eric, you are the luckiest man in the world!
Here are just a few to tie you over until the whole show goes up!

Stay tuned for more coming!


Cait said...

Yeah. Riiiiiiiiiight. Not photogenic my foot! What a lovely couple. Great job, Beth... can't wait to see the lideshow!

Cait, Sarah Anne's current slave


joy. said...

She'll be pleasantly surprised to discover that bad photographs in the past have clearly not been HER fault. Lovely pictures, beautiful couple.

Love you, Beth