Friday, May 2, 2008

Visitors my life for the next week.

....and it makes me the MOST EXCITED EVER.
Gitti, my amazing and beautiful friend from Germany is here for a week and brought her two men with her - her unbelievable husband, Tarek, and her "eat me I'm so cute" son! It's been two years since we've seen each other and it's amazing to talk to her without typing. I hadn't yet had the chance to meet her two boys, and I have immediately fallen in love with them both. Tarek is funny, sweet, friendly, and an AMAZING father and Jakim?? I've already told Gitti she's going home without him because I'm going to keep him!!! He's SO precious, so active, and so so so cute.
Stay tuned for more on our adventures!

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Ricki Ford said...

very cute. I have 3 little girls so yeah you are going to have a blast. They do so many cute thing so keep your camera ready.