Monday, June 23, 2008

Dave and Laura


This wedding has a special place in my heart as it was one of my dearest friends wedding. I didn't even meet Laura until Dave booked me for the wedding, but we quickly hit it off, and became fast friends. I love this girl with my whole heart and have loved every second of sitting together for dinners, sending early morning text messages on our way to work (while safely stopped at lights of course :) ), and sharing wedding planning details together. Dave is the perfect fit for her, and watching them together makes me melt. Their love is so...tender...gentle....passionate...and focused so intensely on each other only. When they look at each other, I swear everyone else around them disappears. It was so amazing to be a part of this with them!!

I started with the girls Friday morning and was quickly immersed in her family. They actually rival mine for noise and activity!! We had so much fun with makeup, hair, food and lounging around. We even learned that yes, my hair DOES straighten! Hahah!

The wedding was amazing, and beautiful and involved a lot of dancing! This was my first Assyrian wedding, and I hope to get to shoot more! It was truly a celebration!

Dave and Laura, I am so honored to have been invited to join with you on your wedding day. I love you both so much and wish you an amazing marriage and life together. Laura...we're overdue for a dinner date girl :)

....and tonight I shot an engagement shoot :) Stay tuned...


Pete and Joy said...

Yay for Dave and Laura!! And yay for BethLaurrenPhotography!! You did a great job, hun. I watched it twice :)

One of my favorite shots was the little girl getting her hair done or pulled or something - so cute. And the shots of Dave and Laura are beautiful.

Love you!

- Joy

Laura said...

I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your talent, my love still amazes me every time. I am SO excited to see the rest! You are beautiful and I love you and we need to get together soon!

momo said...

wow...amazing did an absolutely beautiful job...quite the professional (*wink*)

David said...

This never gets old. 7 months later and I still enjoy looking back at this slide show.