Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th!!

Happy Independence Day!! This is one of my favorite holiday's during the year because it's the day our country has set aside to rejoice our freedom...and there's lot of fireworks!!

I know that there are other holiday's during the year that are meant to remind us of everyone that has fought, and is currently fighting for our freedom, but the men and women that have sacrificed everything for our freedom are always near in my thoughts especially on days like today. Independence Day would mean nothing if it weren't for those that have fought for hundreds of years to keep our independence. I am incredibly honored to know several veterans, including both of my grandfathers, as well as several people that have recently served our country. I am consistently amazed and humbled by these men and women that have left everything they know and love to fight for this country.

Whenever I pass military members, I have an urge to just hug them and say thank you - not only them, but to thier families, spouses, significant others and anyone else that they have left behind. A woman that my dad works with forwarded this video - and I couldn't help but share the site with you all! It's the PERFECT way to simply say thank you to these amazing men and women that bless us everyday with thier sacrifices. Take a minute to visit THIS site!

Finally - here is a sneak preview of a wedding I shot yesterday! The reception was on a boat cruise off of Navy Pier, fireworks and all!!


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CrimeStopper2 said...

so when do we get to see the rest of the pictures?