Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jon and Heidi

This wedding is probably my most anticipated of the year!! Jon and I have been friends since...well...just take a look:


See? That's basically forever (thankfully I have since discovered the use of hair products and have at least minorly contained that frizz!!).

Now. That being said - Our moms and little sisters were best friends as we grew up, so we spent a lot of time together in our younger years. I have memories of tree swings, playing house, endless games of tag, hide and seek, long stays together when parents were on vacation, jr. high church events, sr. high youth group camping trips etc etc. There are SEVERAL memories I'd prefer to forget, but still wouldn't be traded for anything. We rarely see each other now, but I have been blessed to be around for a lot of the big moments over the "college and up" years. I love his heart, his passion and his spazziness. Jon has always been just that - Jon. He wears jewelry, has stuck with the long hair, loves freely, pursues the heart of God, and gives of himself without thought. He has chased his love of music, his dreams, and now this sweet, beautiful girl that he is about to commit his forever to.

Jon called me over christmas break two years ago and said "so....I met someone." His voice was enough to make me want to cry. I knew this was it! This was the phone call...this was the girl. He excited told me about this girl that works in the chapel at school and went on and ON (really, Heidi...on and on and on!) about this girl.

And then two-some odd years later, I got another call. "I'm engaged!!!!" Jon had proposed to Heidi the night before, and I could NOT be happier for them!!!

Jon....I'm so excited for you.

Heidi... In the short amount of time I've spent with you, I can see how well you compliment and match him. I'm so thrilled that he fell in love with you - he has really found an amazing woman. He's a handful so...good luck! ;)


Sarah Barlow said...

OH Beth!! These are gorgeous!! The LIFE that comes through is incredible!!!
Love you so much!

Anonymous said...

wow, betho, some beautiful images...they are a sweet couple and it is way too weird to see Jon actually kissing a girl! momo

Pete and Joy said...

hahaha.... i loved that last comment. Okay, by far favorite picture: picture 69, Heidi and Jon running though a field, with Jon leading the way and totally abandoning anything remotely "cool."

Really great shoot.... I enjoyed all of them. And I'm so happy for them.

Tell me, what do you do at night, Beth? About the talent oozing from your ears and staining your pillow, that is.

Rachel said...

Aww! They are all so cute and so was the blog post it made me want to cry and I don't even know any of you! I decided to stop by your blog after seeing you comment on Sarah Barlow's blog. I think I’m going to be a regular lurker now. :-)

Sandra said...

Hi Beth,

I don't know this Dawson Creek couple but they're so photogenic and this is some of your best work! The details, composition, emotions, lighting texture - all stunning. I love the the shot of the couple's silhouette(#21)and #43couple being framed by the foliage. Beautiful!