Thursday, August 21, 2008

Brian and Kait: Engaged!

They met years ago working together. Brian was tasked with training Kait, even though he was just a week on the job himself and after years of friendship and falling in love - they're getting married!! Brian and Kait were..incredibly cute. Oh my gosh. I always ask my couples if they are comfortable kissing in front of the camera and the girls are always all about it and the guys are always like "ehh..okay." But by the end of the shoot the guys are SO into it! Brian was no exception and I couldn't even handle how cute he was with Kait. He was so tender and so adoring of her. And Kait....Kait was just the cutest thing. Hey eyes sparkled when she looked at Brian and her smile was always starting.

Okay. My embarrassing story for the night. For SOME reason I kept calling Brian "Eric" all night. I have absolutely no idea what had gotten into me! They have a great sense of humor and we just laughing about it all night. I think I'm just going to give up and rename the guy!

So, BRIAN and Kait - you two were amazing to be with. Thank you for this glimpse into your lives and your love. You guys are amazing!

I love these two photos because they so depict what I saw from these two all night: quiet, gentle, tender and just so in love!



Annnd THESE two photos are the other side of these two: goofy, silly, lovable!



And here are the rest!

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Cassie Schott said...

Beth I LOVE so many of these! What a cute couple! It was good to see you the other night! :)