Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jon and Heidi

Aaaaand they're married!! Jon and Heidi's wedding was last night and the consensus was that it was a huge success! They had AMAZING weather, AMAZING light, AMAZING guests and an AMAZING wedding party. I haven't ever had so much fun taking photos of groomsmen and the girls just kept me laughing! The wedding party was such a great reflection of the bride and groom - which obviously means they were crazy :) A few of my highlights from the day....



Anything that comes in a little teal bag is good :)


CUTEST bride!!



And the groom....yeah he was okay ;) lol! Jon you cleaned up really well!


Bride and Groom.....and the most beautiful evening light of ALL time


Heidi's brothers wanted to do a "cool" photo with Jon and we came away with this one - and yes - they are all that cute :)


AAAnnnnd the last one before the slideshow - Heidi's little sister, Jill, gave the BEST Maid of Honor speech I have ever heard!! She told a story about how she had seen/met Jon from afar years before Heidi started dating him and how he was the man of her dreams and then one day - Heidi came home with him as her boyfriend!!! Everyone was rolling with laughter and I love this shot of Heidi and Jon's reactions :)


Jon and Heidi.... I had such a great time with you yesterday. I meant a lot to me to be a part of your day in such an intimate way and I adored watching the two of you in love. Enjoy the honeymoon!


JGHue said...

Amazing pictures, Beth. I LOVE looking at great wedding pictures like these, but they're even more enjoyable when they're of someone you know. Keep up the awesome work!

Pete and Joy said...

Wow... amazing, Beth!! so beautiful. the bridal party shots were fantastic.

momo said...

Betho, you have really come to a new level of images...these are amazing. wow

Opa and Omi said...

Bethy - you shot amazing pictures at their wedding. The pictures radiate joy, happiness, and love. Very nice work. ---yours, Opa&Omi

JenniPhotography said...

looks awesome!! i have the best teacher ever!! ;)