Sunday, August 24, 2008

Julia Paulson - Senior!

Julia - or more preferably "Jules" to those of us that used to babysit her years ago! - is a senior this year! I absolutely can't believe it. It might make me a little old, but I really think the last time I saw her, she was about as tall as my waist, with a face full of freckles, and giggling about anything and everything. Well! Fast forward several years, and she's about as tall as ME, still has a face full of freckles and still loves to giggle!

When Jules and I talked about where to go for her senior shoot, one of the things she was absolutely adamant about was taking photos by the lake. This girl lives and breathes water and I love that she wanted water to be a part of her shoot. She was so comfortable and relaxed at the beach and we had some absolutely amazing light! We started in downtown Crystal Lake, where she's grown up and ended by the water. She picked an amazing blue dress (with adorable shoes!) for the first part of the shoot, and we just had at it! She got into it so fast and had me laughing during her "singing in the rain" portrayal with the lamp post!






Jules - "Beauty is as beauty does", little one, and YOU are beautiful. Love you!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much everything looks perfect!

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the shots with her in the water! How did you get those shots?

sarahbrowndowntown said...

Hey Beth! Okay, so this is totally crazy, but ...

I was e-mailing with Kelly Powers about the Naperville area, since she's from here and I don't know anyone, and she told me to check out your blog. So I did, and I LOVE your stuff, and then I keep scrolling down and I realize ... OMG, I MET YOU! Yeah, that's right, I was the one eating Goldfish crackers in front of you at Free to Succeed, and we talked about your adorable shoes!

Well, that is too much coincidence to just leave alone, so I had to leave you a little blog love (I'm totally going to subscribe so I can blog stalk you!), and see if you want to be friends!

Isn't life so funny?

BethLaurren said...

Hahah! Sarah that's too funny! I love that my shoes is what made you remember me!! I'll be swinging by your site :)

I got those shots of her in the water by getting in with her! Roll up the pant legs and just remember that everything is washable!