Friday, August 15, 2008

Scott and Julie

Scott and Julie were my first official couple!! They got married right around Christmas time last year and, as I told them last night, they hold a special spot in my heart as my first couple :)

...A brief look back at their wedding....



Scott and Julie now live near a lake and a really pretty park area - so we headed out there for some "We Did!!" photos! I absolutely loved getting to see them again!

I love engagement shoots because there is so much EXCITED energy. The couple has that "look" of anticipation, excitement, and "AHH! We're getting married!!". When their wedding comes, the energy changes to almost a nervous energy. Everyone can't help but smile and sparkle. The couples look at each other with deep love and high emotions and everyone just wants to run and jump around!

This was my first "We Did!" shoot...and I've fallen in love with the concept. I loved Scott and Julie during their wedding and all of their emotions that were so contagious, BUT. This shoot was.... tender and relaxed and intimate in a way of two people that have settled into life together. They melted into each other and knew each other. They were playful and SO cute and I just absolutely love them!!

Scott and Julie - I continue to wish you both the best! Thank you for this additional look into your life!!

Scott and Julie's first dance was to this song and I think it's still a perfect fit for them.

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