Sunday, August 31, 2008

Zach and Anna

Ahhh :) I'm just not even sure where to start. Anna and I have become so close over the last few months that it wasn't just a client, but a truly amazing friend getting married. She was beautiful and radiant and an amazing bride. The day started at Focus Salon where I got to see my other gorgeous bride from a few weeks ago, Tricia! They just recently returned from their honeymoon and Tricia is Anna's hairstylist so I got to see her which was amazing!

Anna had 4 bridesmaids and two attendants and they were really a great group of girls. When Anna was getting her dress on they were all there to help and she commented that "all of my favorite girls are here!" and I just smiled in delight for her. I've heard some of the background stories on her bridesmaids and what they each meant to Anna and knowing that made the "girls only" moments even more precious for me. They each graciously accepted me into their inner circle for the day and I just really enjoyed each of them so much!

This is one of my FAVORITE moments of the day! We had just gotten to the hotel to start dressing/makeup-ing and Anna RUNS to the bed and just starts jumping on it yelling "I'm getting married!!!!". It was so unbelievably cute :)


Her amazing dress..


Zach has a twin brother - and I had to forewarn Anna that she might end up with a bunch of photos of the wrong brother! He also has two wonderful sisters and they make quite the group. They have been through some unbelievably hard things together, and underneath the teasing and sibling banter, there is a quiet under current of love that goes between them. This is my favorite photo of them from the day..


Annnnd one of my favorites of Anna losing it :)


Anna - I have loved every moment of being with you. From costumes and grooms gifts to text messages to clam linguine and Riesling...I have enjoyed your friendship so much.

Zach - Your words to Anna at the reception made me cry. Your love for this woman is so passionate and deep and real. Keeping loving this woman with everything in you....I'm pretty fond of her :)

You two are a perfect fit and I love you both!! Congratulations!!!

Anna, is your song special for you.


Jessica Frazier said...

Beth- thank you so so much for being a part of anna and zachary's day! you did an amazing job, an as a newlywed you were right there when the rest of us couldn't find the right thing to say to her. You have become such an important person to anna, and the rest of us have had the opportunity now to see why :-)
I am guessing you will see many of us again soon too ;-)
Many thanks & love,

Anonymous said...

Beth- Wow is all I can say! Anna told me how excited she was that you were going to be her photographer and now I can see why! You did an amazing job capturing the beauty and love that was around all of us that day. There were so many moments that you captured forever in time. You truly have a gift, and I can't thank you enough for being such a special part in Anna and Zach's special day. I only wish you the very best.
With much love and gratitude.