Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fading Away

It hit me this morning....summer is creeping away.

I got up at 5:15 with my man (well, he got up and I think I mumbled fairly incoherently "wake me up after your shower" and slept for the next 20 minutes) and it was dark. I mean - car headlights needed dark. If you live in the Midwest - you understand the sinking feeling that hit my stomach as the six month winter blues set in.

I had a brief few moments of insanity about a week ago where I thought I was ready for fall scarf weather, but it turns out? I'm not. I want to grasp and hold on to the last few straws of summer. Run through a sprinkler, BBQ once more and find some sand to dig my toes in before it gets too cold for open toed shoes and airy dresses.

Although I can't make summer stay, and as I'm already replacing my fall/winter shoerobe (like wardrobe but for shoes!)....I will gracefully usher in the fall season.

Besides - I have a delayed honeymoon on the beach to look forward too :)


momo said...

yea for beach vacations! although fall is football weather, which is vaguely redeeming.

Cassie Schott said...

Ughhhh. I know exactly what you mean, Beth! I had the same feeling of dread this morning. I'm not ready for the cold!

Katie said...

I know exactly what you mean about that morning dark! (I also feel the same way about that morning chill.) I wonder how I'll even know that it's fall without those...

PS - if the winter blues start hitting too hard, I know somewhere that it'll still be 60 and (hopefully) sunny! =)

Pete and Joy said...

I love the changing seasons, but summer is the only season that I don't get tired of.

I actually cried the other day, thinking about winter. Real, actual, wet tears.