Friday, October 24, 2008

Carter and Ashley :: Married!!

Everytime I leave a wedding, there are 3 or 4 things that just stick with me. Sometimes it's the fabulous little details...sometimes it's a fantastic wedding party....sometimes it's a gorgeous bride...or something similar! I left this wedding still in AWE of the beautiful, beautiful, beautiful transformation of the church that Ashley's father had pastored for years. I left knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that God was present with them that day. I left with beautiful images of a bride who laughed with her bridesmaids and was honestly just stunningly beautiful. I am a hopeless lover of all things wedding, and I never get over that gasp of beauty seeing a bride in her dress and veil. But I'm telling you....something about Ashley that day was absolutely breathtaking. Her hair was soft, her smile was big, her dress was beautiful and fit in perfectly with the entire feel of her wedding....and I couldn't stop staring at her all night! Poor Carter never even stood a chance..... :)

Now on to the little lovebirds! Carter was the illusion of calm, cool and collected all morning. He joked with his guys, smiled for his photos and was up for anything I asked of him! He admitted a little later that he was feeling a little bit nervous, but it was the most endearing admission I've ever heard. Their ceremony was intimate and personal and ended with the sweetest first kiss. We headed out to the park for photographs and then back for a loud, fun-filled reception! The day was amazing, and so personal to them both and I just loved being a part of it!

Ashley and Carter - I pray that God will bless your marriage, and that the things that you vowed to each other would never become mere words. You both have amazing hearts for the Lord and for each other and I am so honored to have been a part of your wedding day!


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Morgan Matters said...

So good Beth - gotta love birdcage veils!!!

Miss you!!!!

rachel shannon said...


They are beautiful pictures, it's good to finally see Carter. The one's with the sun behind you are my favorite!


Katy said...

Those are absolutely beautiful! :) I really like your site. I have an up and coming photography sight you mind if I link you?
Blessings :)