Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ethan and Joylynn :: Engaged!

Yay for weddings!!! I am so incredibly thrilled to be shooting this wedding in two weeks! Joylynn and I were friends when we were younger and when she emailed me to tell me that she was engaged I jumped at the chance to shoot her wedding! I haven't seen this gorgeous girl in several years and when we met up last Saturday for their engagement shoot - she hasn't changed! She and Ethan met me at Millennium Park and we just wandered the parks and Navy Pier for the next few hours. I hadn't met Ethan before that day, but it was so easy to see how perfect they fit each other. Joylynn loves to smile and laugh and Ethan looks at her in adoration and just kinda shakes his head. He is quieter and more reserved until she gets in front of him and the way his eyes light up is impossible to miss.

Just a few of my favorites....


Helloooooo Georgia O'Keefe


Gorgeous city evening light...


A perfect portrayal of these two....Joylynn laughing and Ethan smiling with his hands folded :)


I absolutely couldn't resist!!


I'm SO EXCITED for your wedding! See you in just 10 days!!


Pete and Joy said...

Great job, Beth. So beautiful. The colors are gorgeous, and you captured such sweet Joy-Lynn expressions. :)

- Joy (Neal)

momo said...

Betho, you captured such loveliness. what a sweet couple.

Zach P said...

WOW great job!

Hilary said...

Beth, you're such a wonderful photographer! I can't wait to see what you do with the photos from the wedding day. :)