Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ethan and Joylynn :: Married!

Right now, I'm sitting on my couch with has no back pillows on it, and I'm starting at the stacks of boxes around me, wondering how my entire life is sitting in just a couple dozen boxes. It's amazing how the material things of our life seem so important until you see them in boxes. Then I realize that my husband being next to me on the couch, listening to him laugh, and having him try to hold my hand while I type....means more than anything I have in those boxes.

Yes, we are moving. Nick is going back to school to get his Masters and I'm so incredibly excited for him. It has meant packing up and taking down wall decorations, and many nights of worrying that my glass table top, wine glasses, or cocktail cups are going to shatter in the truck mid-move. Completely dramatic...I know. But still. I'm a girl, and it's my prerogative to be dramatic :)

ALLLL of that to say - this blog post is days late for a good reason! Ethan and Joylynn got married last weekend with a wonderful, family and fun filled affair! It was a beautiful, personal day for them. I know a lot of family from far out of town was able to make it in for the day and I know it meant the world to the happy couple. The day was greeted with BEAUTIFUL weather, giggling girls and a beaming bride. Joylynn wore her mom's wedding veil, padded slippers, and a teal sash. Ethan laughed with his groomsmen getting ready and just gazed at his bride all day. I'd definitely say the day was a complete success.

A few of my favorites from the day...

The cupcake tower and topper...


A fantastic wedding party


And the adorable couple!



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