Sunday, October 5, 2008

Michael and Gwen: :: Engaged!

My city girl older sister has fallen in love with a country cowboy - and let me just say that country fits her perfectly. Gwen and I lived downtown together a few years back, and I first heard about Michael on the train ride back from looking at apartments before our move. I heard about this guy at work that she was really interested in, but it was complicated (perfect chick flick material!), but she couldn't help it...she just really liked him! It went from that to late night phone calls and good night emails. I used to laugh at her when she and Michael would have a date night and he would drop her off and immediately call her to talk on the way home - but it was just the start of their love story, and I got to be there for it! And now, 4 years or so later, she is committing the rest of her life to this man.

Sometimes you come across couples that inspire you and challenge you. Sometimes you meet people that just fit. Sometimes you hear stories that portray unbreakable love. Gwen and Michael are one of those couples. They have been literally through thick and thin together, and have come out the other end more committed and more in love.

A few of my favorites from the day...



Gwennie was so excited about sunset photos to end the night.


And because she's my sister...I have to brag about how freaking BEAUTIFUL she is.





Michael - you love her amazingly well, and I know that I don't even see the half of it. She means the world to all of us and we're excited to have you join our world! Gwennie - I love you with everything in me and I'm very excited for this next phase of your life.


Michelle Van Loon said...

The pix of Gwen and Michael are gorgeous...I browsed the rest of your work, and it's all 100% stunning. Romantic, intimate, full of light and personality.

Anonymous said...

I think this is the 5th time i'm looking at these...

Doug Wilsman said...

When did you get so good at taking pictures, young lady? As far as that goes, when did your sister get so beautiful? Love does that to a person, I suppose. It truly is your time now. If you have any doubts as to your ability to sell your photographic talent, lose them immediately!

Proud to be,

your Uncle Doug

Kyle said...

So Gwen's gonna be a country gal huh? That's awesome. I must say that Beth Lauren, you make these two look straight out of a magazine--and I'm 100% serious. They really fit perfectly together. Makes me want to get married just so I can have a stellar photo album. Congrats to Michael and Gwen.

Lindsay said...

First of all, congrats to Michael and Gwen! She is stunning! These pictures are beautiful and Beth I just love your work. Miss you ladies... :)