Monday, October 27, 2008

Mick and Amber :: Engaged!

Okay! The long awaited post for Mick and Amber! When I met with these two for a cup of coffee to talk about their wedding....I had no idea how much fun they were going to be. I'm serious. I think we sat there for over 2 hours and maybe talked about the wedding for 20 minutes! Haha! They are an AMAZING couple, with an amazing heart. I heard all about their beginnings, when he liked her and she wasn't really into him, and then later when he asked her to be his girlfriend in the most incredible, thought out process - a walk through the school campus stopping at meaningful areas and ending where Mick wrote in the grass "Amber, will you be mine?. I heard about the meeting of the families and their journey together. I watched this man sit next to her and listen to her talk and just openly praise and dote on her. Amber is another bride that I grew up with. We went to church together for as long as I can remember...and I have absolutely LOVED being a part of weddings of my childhood friends. It makes it just that much more personal and meaningful for me and I just have a blast with these women.

Their engagement story miiiiight be my favorite of all time. Mick went ALL OUT for it. He made a video (with the help of Eddie!), and he went around his family asking them to talk to Amber about him, about advice, anything they wanted. And then...he went to Ohio with Amber's dad to interview and have Amber's family speak to her. My heart was turning to mush listening to them tell this story together. Absolute mush! Long story short, he delivered the video to her house to watch and waited for her outside. He proposed by writing in her front lawn "Amber, will you marry me?" just like a few short years ago when he asked her to be his girlfriend. THAT, my creative and sweet and adoring. UGH! I just love it!!!

Anyway! We move on to their engagement photos and can I just tell you how utterly AMAZING they were?? We headed downtown and with the light disappearing so fast these days, we ended up doing most of their shoot at night, which was my first experience ever! They were the perfect couple for it! I barely had to direct them at all...they were so comfortable and up for absolutely ANYTHING. Really....anything. It was amazing. Their shoot looks different than what I'm used to, because of the night lights, but I couldn't narrow down my options to anything less than the 118 favorites I came up with! I started with 149 favorites and figured that was too long for a slideshow :)

Mick and Amber - you two are amaaaaaazing. I adore these photos, and I really enjoyed my time with you! I can't wait for June!


Katie said...

I just have to tell you that I LOVE the pictures in front of the light sculptures in the park. Beautiful shoot! =)

Jenni said...

wow...beth i think these are my favorite!

Laura_Ashley said...

Um.. these are stunning! You are amazing and talented and beautiful!

I see an amazing future for you, my dear.

Keep being you.. it's perfect!!