Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Post Christmas - Pre 2009

I can't tell you how many nights I've fallen in bed swearing not to move a muscle for the next 8 hours, but thinking, man I should really get up and blog about how great this week has been.

And it has been. Great.

Christmas came in a FLURRY of time with family, and more time with family, and just a liiitttlle more time with family! My in-laws probably thought we moved in with them!! Nick's family is on a every-other-year rotation, and this year, everyone was home for Christmas (next year, it's Chrisgiving :) ). Everyone made it safely home Christmas Eve, and my day started out with finishing Christmas shopping, seeing my second family (this is what happens when you're best friends with someone for 18 just assimilate into their family!), and having Christmas Eve dinner with my parents. I went from there back to Nick's family's house for awhile and visited, then came our first married Christmas together.

Now - I try so hard to not be all mushy about the married "firsts" but this one was just so amazing that I will mush about it for a minute! Nick woke me up at 6:30 saying "'s Christmas! Let's open presents!!" Yes, that's right. My 28 year old husband was literally giggling with delight that morning. It was just too cute!! We video taped our first year together (his idea), and sat on our floor by our very first Christmas tree and opened presents. These are things that just can't be beat people. I will forever remember that morning.

It has been a whirlwind of family ever since then, culminating with a sisters night last night in the city. I ice skated for the first time!!! It was just so amazingly wonderful to spend a few hours with my sisters.

And just so you don't think we're really the calm, cool, collected women in this photo....

Yep. That's us :)

So here we are at the end of the year now. It's been an AMAZING year, of which I will detail in a later post. I'm so excited for the upcoming year, and I'll share all my plans with you soon!

Until then, my New Years resolution? I am going to blog EVERY DAY of January. Even if it's just a few quick comments. Every day there will be something new on this blog.

Excited?? I.Think.You.ARE!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Aruba Aruba

So we're home! One week into being back, laundry is done, I've survived the first week back at my desk job, and Nick and I still like each other a whole lot even after 10 days in close quarters :)

Really...we had an AMAZING time. It was so relaxing and so waaaarmmmmmm. There are a few "tourist attractions" on the island, but after visiting them, we have decided that there is actually nothing to see on the island, so they just made things up!! It was quite the experience hour and a half literally offroading in a Toyota Corolla. I am now a solid advocate of those cars for durability! It was so delightful to spend so much time together. We slept, sunned by the pool, entertained ourselves with the huge lizards that were very fond of anyone with food, frequented the lazy river, and ate - a lot.

With the holiday's coming up now, we have been shopping, baking and are getting ready for little holiday get together this afternoon. This has been such an amazing season of life's been so much fun!

Here is a sneak peek of our trip. I couldn't resist the corny-ness of the song :)

I have a good new years resolution this year. Stay tuned for it to be announced!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Out of the Office - HONEYMOON BABY!!!

Hello all! One month later....I'm finally posting! I promise that one of my new years resolutions is to post 4 times a week :)

To recap the last month - Thanksgiving was AMAZING. My inlaws and grandparents-in-law came to my family's house for the day and I got to spend it with everyone and it was so fantastic. I love that my families have really meshed - there is no "his side" "her side"'s just one big family. We had an amazing time. The Saturday after Thanksgiving all of the Langes got together for the annual Christmas tree day! We all trudged out to the tree farm...decorated...ate waaay too much and laughed a lot :)

And now the kicker!!!!

Nick and I are headed to Aruban paradise tomorrow morning at 5:55 a.m. for our long awaited honeymoon. 10 days of warm bliss, romance and pina coladas! I'm so excited for this trip. We knew when we decided to get married in June that we were going to have to take a delayed honeymoon and the anticipation has just grown daily!!! It was completely worth the wait!! Goodbye winter!!!

I just wanted to leave you with a few snapshots of my last weekend....

My sweet new grandparents

My amazing father in law whom I love dearly :)

My gorgeous sister...home from college

My dad has cleaned up after every major dinner party in our house since before I was born. This is a typical post-dinner sight...although, truth be told he does it to escape from the overwhelmingness of having 5 women in his life that like to talk!!

My handsome

Christmas day!! Yes, I actually got down and helped cut the tree! Tradition starts oldest to youngest...

This man adores his daughters with everything in him. I will never actually express how much I love this man. Him and his baby...


My sister and the first boy add-on to the family

And last but not least....the die hard fan

I'll be back on the 13th with a gazillion photos to share!! See you then!