Sunday, December 21, 2008

Aruba Aruba

So we're home! One week into being back, laundry is done, I've survived the first week back at my desk job, and Nick and I still like each other a whole lot even after 10 days in close quarters :)

Really...we had an AMAZING time. It was so relaxing and so waaaarmmmmmm. There are a few "tourist attractions" on the island, but after visiting them, we have decided that there is actually nothing to see on the island, so they just made things up!! It was quite the experience hour and a half literally offroading in a Toyota Corolla. I am now a solid advocate of those cars for durability! It was so delightful to spend so much time together. We slept, sunned by the pool, entertained ourselves with the huge lizards that were very fond of anyone with food, frequented the lazy river, and ate - a lot.

With the holiday's coming up now, we have been shopping, baking and are getting ready for little holiday get together this afternoon. This has been such an amazing season of life's been so much fun!

Here is a sneak peek of our trip. I couldn't resist the corny-ness of the song :)

I have a good new years resolution this year. Stay tuned for it to be announced!


Anonymous said...

Hi Beth. Your photography is stunning! Now that you've just returned from Aruba, I'd like to recommend a fascinating novel that takes place there: An Island Away by Daniel Putkowski. When you go back to Aruba (most people do) you'll have a new "tourist attraction" to visit - one that requires NO off-roading :-) Read the book, you'll see.

Hilary said...

I was hoping that you'd choose to play Beach Boys. Classis. Love the pics. Butterflys are beautiful, lizards looked aggressive - and lizardy. I think my favorite is the leaf on the beach. Or whatever it was. Love you!

Morgan Matters said...