Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just keep swimming!

Somewhere, in the mix of work, the love of my life, more work, and squeezing sleep in at the end of my day....I have realized that we have almost come to the END of February! The end of February is a momunental event for me. It means that winter is on the OUTS!!!! No more snowing 9 inches at a time, or having white marks on your shoes from salt, or not wanting to touch your steering wheel because it's frozen! March 1st is one of the best days of the year....and it's juuuust around the corner!

This year is a leap year. As it is really just and extra day of the year - go crazy!!! I would like to say that I am going to do something out of the ordinary for it, but the reality is that I will probably just end up at the gym and snuggling on the couch with my man watching a movie :) Sometimes old traditions are the best, regardless of the event opportunites of the day!

Happy end of Wednesday to everyone!

Friday, February 15, 2008

My heart came to Chicago!

This girl......

This one.
She is my heart.
Ashley and I have by far the strangest story to the beginning of our friendship. We met for approximately four minutes through a mutual friend that I was visiting for the weekend at the Honor Academy in Texas several years ago. We emailed a little bit back and forth for a long time and then about a year ago, we started gmail chatting at work here and there during the day (in the middle of our hectic days!) and that has grown into living our lives talking at every spare moment possible!! Up until last weekend we actually haven't SEEN each other in something like four years!!!
This girl knows everything about me...inside out! She loves me unconditionally and uncontrollably. She encourages me, listens to me on my whiny days, laughs with me at the stupidest things and lets me serenade her with our favorite song - Belly Dancer by Akon!! This woman is my heart, my kindred spirit and one of my best friends.
We had an eventful weekend including a flat tire, frozen fuel lines, potbelly, the aquarium, the hancock, and more talking than should be possible in that short amount of time. Here are just a few shots from my point and shoot!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Here Comes the Sun..!!!

Praise the LORD!!! For the first time in THREE VERY LONG MONTHS the sun joined me on my morning commute to the office! Just as I was realizing that the sun was coloring the sky, I got a text message from my friend (who joins me in an leaving the house at ungodly hours of the morning!) echoing my thoughts :) Even the fact that it's currently only 7 degrees outside (feels like -4 according to can't taint the fact that the SUN IS HERE!!!

The promised photos of my last weekends visitor are coming! Things have been insane and I just haven't had time to sit and get them up yet! Tonight I'm decorating cupcakes for Nick for valentines day, but I'll try to have them up by the weekend! We had the most eventful weekend ever, starting with a flat tire, and ending with fuel lines freezing, with a whole lot of laughing, talking, dreaming and loving inbetween!! Stay tuned for more updates...I promise by Saturday they'll be up!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Chicago Winters

The groundhog saw it's shadow, which means we have six weeks of winter left, and it's coming full force!!! Crystal Lake got 8 inches of snow! 8!!!! I remember BEGGING for days like this when I was little, but somehow, it loses it's magic when you're older and driving in it. :) I took these on my way home from work this afternoon, which is a testament at how slowly we were moving. I love having that point and shoot with me all the time now! More photos!!

My best friend is coming to visit this weekend from Florida and I'm really excited about it. It did occur to me though that we have this all wrong...I should be leaving the cold to go to the warm - not the other way around! I'm sure I will have a million photos to post from our time together. She grew up about 90 minutes from downtown but has never actually BEEN downtown. I have no idea how she managed to go through life like that....hahah!! I'm going to have the time of my life introducing her to my city :) Stay tuned for photos! She's beautiful so you'll definitely want to check the photos out :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cake Cake Cakes!!

My newest venture is cupcake decorating! I spent some time in Alabama two years ago and stayed with some amazing friends of mine. Becky does cake decorating (and she's really really good!) and taught me how do so myself! I got a hankering for decorating so I went to Michael's and bought all of the necessary start up items! Frosting tips, bags, clear vanilla extract, and frosting coloring were the first things in my basket!

These are just a few of my first attempts! I will improve!! :) Who knows..maybe I'll be a photographer AND wedding cupcake decorator! Hahah!!!

My next batch will have new colors....I kept feeling like I was decorating school colors. More pastels next time!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

1154 LILL and Passion Fruit Sangria

I am SO overdue for a post!

For Christmas, my oldest sister and her husband gave me a gift certificate for 1154 LILL. It's a purse design shop up on Armitage and Halsted - and it's SO MUCH FUN!!! They have so many different designs to choose from and more fabric than is possible to take in!

We were finally able to go last Friday and spend almost two hours looking at fabrics, settling on "final choices" only to decide that we reallllly liked another fabric and started all over again! After agonizing decisions were made, we finally settled on our picks - and I absolutely can not wait for February 16th to come so I can pick mine up!!

I just bought myself a new point and shoot, and brought it with me - so these photos are from that. Not too bad eh?

Our purse-making adventure was followed by starbucks and window shopping in every store on Armitage. There are a LOT of paper stores up there, and the never ending boutique shops. We headed to Cafe Bar Ba Ba Reeba for dinner of amazing sangria and tapas. Passion fruit sangria is my newest favorite drink. It reminds me summer nights sitting outside with friends...and let me tell you, three months into a Chicago winter...that's an amazing thought!