Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 10!

Today started at 5:30 getting up to get on the road to Crystal Lake. Unbeknownst to me, it snowed all night! So it was an interesting drive :) Breakfast with my daddy, client meeting with the sweetest couple, shopping for home decor with my best friend, then back home for clothes shopping and dinner with my hubby. It was a good day, friend :) I'm just about finished with my new home decor...and I'm in LOVE with my house. It's so incredibly adorable - if I do say so myself!! AAaaaannnnd I got the cutest clothes this afternoon. My husband is so good to me!!

Tomorrow, I have absolutely NOTHING on my calendar for the first time in what feels like months ( know, since Aruba, which I'm pretty sure was 6 years ago). I have every intention of staying in jammies all day, reading a book, blogging a little bit, working up our 2009 budget, and making cookies.

For a Christmas stocking stuffer, I got Nick a "Coupons From Santa" book. It's the cutest little book with these "coupons" like...."tonight we watch any christmas movie of my choice" or "tonight, I wish for my favorite Christmas dinner" or "this coupon is good for a massage". It's full of little Christmas related things like that. So Nick pulled his first one out today "this coupon is good for a batch of my favorite cookies" - which he gleefully handed to me saying "chocolate chip please!". So tomorrow, my top priority is making chocolate chip cookies for my man.

By the way, did I mention I got the CUTEST clothes today? My favorite item was a pair of dress pants that would probably pretty easily pass for yoga pants. So comfy. And I'm so excited about them. My fast second favorite was a pair of cream and blue pinstriped casual pants. I feel like a size 0 - and they are my other new favorite thing :)

Oh! And new look for BethLaurren Photography 2009! Orange/green and white are the colors of the season!

Happy Saturday night!


matt and ashley said...

i LOVE this new look. its so...fresh! and you do have something on the calendar for tomorrow. talking to meee. :)

p.s. next year, can you make me one of those coupon books with a free chocolate chip cookie option? that would be fab.

momo said...

love the orange!