Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 11!

I confess: I got dressed for 90 minutes today. But then I came back home, and got back in jammies. I took a couple cookies to Nick at work, then ran to Home Goods and found the most perfect orange plates. They match my mixer and my toaster, and they made me really happy. AND...they were on sale!

I started a puzzle tonight. I got the outside almost put together with the exception of one little bugger. It's a gorgeous shot of some place in Europe with firecrackers. Lots of orange. It's beautiful, and I'm slightly concerned about actually finishing it. (yes, I know it makes me a geek...but I love puzzles!)

Have I mentioned how much I love my house? :)


Anonymous said...

Haha! You get the puzzle thing from me.:) Love you Mom2

Sarah Barlow said...

You are tooo cute!! And your puzzle matches your blog now!! LOVE IT! :)

Steven Ryne Photography said...

Ooooh the puzzle sounds really nice! And by the way, liking the orange background!!! It runs with the sunset of the picture ;)