Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 14!

We had dinner with Nick's grandparents tonight. They live in a retirement community just 5 minutes up the road from us, and this is the first time since moving to the area that we've had dinner with them. They absolutely LOVE when their grand kids come for dinner....they adore Nicholas SO much and I just love it :)

His grandpa is so madly in love with his wife. I just can't even take it. They live with a familiarity that can only be born from 65 years together. She gets cranberry sauce with her dinner and hands it to him saying "I don't like cranberries" and he smiles and says "I know you don't". He orders her coffee and tells the waitress she likes to have it before her food comes out. He talks about her like she's not right there in front of him "she's so great", "she loves it when...", "she's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen" (that one is normally accompanied by tears). Their love is so....palpable. I can only pray that Nick and I are just like them after that many years together.

And they love their grand kids (and great grandkids!). They are, of course, the smartest kids in the world, best looking boys, and prettiest girls out there. I love spending time with this family. I was so blessed to marry into this unit...I have absolutely no horror stories about any in-lawed family!! I love them all and they are all amazing.

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matt and ashley said...

she's prettyyyy. and i LOVE THAT VEIL. ughh!! :)