Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 17!

I was just as productive as I hoped today! We actually have food in the house, my car is freshly oiled (only 1200 miles overdue), and all gifts/packages and thank you's have been mailed! That leaves me all day tomorrow to finish up my finances, and get a few work things done. 

I've allowed myself the rest of the night to completely shut down and 100% relax, so I'm blogging now and turning my computer off. I bought some new wedding magazines, new books and a couple new puzzles and might just do a little of all of those things tonight! Right now, we're watching friends, and my gourmet dinner is going to consist of hot dogs and curly fries :)


1 comment:

momo said...

What about the pork chops? or did you add rosemary and mint to the hotdogs??