Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 18!

I love Sunday's. This is the day that I normally allow all lists to hide, all work to suddenly disappear, and my house to be messy. I've been sitting on my couch since 11 watching friends. I did get a little bit of work done, but now I'm done, and I'm about to start another puzzle :) This is what Sunday's are for! 

Nick and I tried out a new church this morning, and the pastor was talking about having sacrificial and radical love. He was talking about BEING love, not just going through the actions. It was a huge reminder to shift my focus into "being" love. It absolutely changes everything and brings so much more meaning to daily activities. Nick and I had a discussion a few weeks ago about living life intentionally, and this is just another great reminder. He used the example of Jesus washing his disciples feet, which was an intentional decision to serve them in the midst of his dinner/last hours. My goal this week is to do at least one thing every day that is an intentional act of love. 

Off to my puzzle, and the next episode of friends :) 

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