Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 22!

It's amazing how productive one can be when one is not distracted by puzzles :) I got a lot done tonight, including making cookies and balancing our checkbook (yay!). Oh! And laundry and cleaning my home. So there! That's productive!! 

Today was another crazy busy day. Aaaaaand I made really yummy cheesy potatoes for dinner, which made me really happy. 

Oh! I have great news! It's warm!!! I actually drove with my sunroof cracked on my way home!! And I cracked our sliding door in the living room today! It made me the happiest EVER to realize that yes, winter will end. I love this first upswing of weather, when the cold lifts, and you drive to work realizing that it's actually getting light out before 7. It's enough to make me want to do a little dance!

Even still, I'd happily be back here....


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