Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 27!

It has occurred to me that I am coming up on 19 years of friendship with my best friend, Jenny. I'm probably about 2 months early on the actual "frieniversary" but it's close enough to be celebrating! I met Jenny at church, and as much as I hate to admit it, I don't remember the "first moment" meeting. She's just...always been in my memories. She's always been in my "when I was young" stories. She's always been in my "I dont' know what I'd do without..." stories.

We became the worlds best at convincing our chauffeurs that yes, it was completely necessary to spend the night together again, even though I just got home 2 hours ago. We always went to my dad - he could never resist my huge curls, or Jen's huge eyes. There were countless overnights at Jen's dad's house, carefully planning out from the TV guide what shows we were going to watch that night, and setting alarms so that we only slept between 1:30 a.m and 2, so we were up again in time for the latest re-run of I Love Lucy. I would always haul my 25 stuffed animals with me to her house (yes, I had extra bags packed to bring them all), and she tolerated my OCD need to set them all up just perfectly for cuddling with at night. We would stay up into all hours of the night sitting on the couch, using the porch light to play (for the 4 millionth time) MASH, deciding our future in every which way possible. We even snuck candy, usually sweet tarts, and evenly divided them up by color under secret cover of our sleeping bags on the living room floor. Aaaand of course, not one of our parents knew we weren't sleeping soundly like good little girls! ;)

I could go on and on and on. But she's amazing. And somewhere along the line, we weren't little girls playing restaurant in her bedroom anymore, we were young women, I was moving away and our friendship was strained. I suddenly wanted different things in life, and couldn't understand why she didn't want the same things. It was the first strain I had ever felt in our relationship, and I didn't even know what to do without her being my partner in crime. Life has shifted and changed countless more times over the years, but the one thing that has always stayed consistent and the same has been my immense love of this woman and need for her in my life. She is the perfect compliment of me, and a true kindred spirit. She is someone that I love and respect, and look up to. She has a heart for the Lord that challenges me, and a quietness of spirit that I have never understood, but strive to emulate. She is my Diana, my kindred spirit, and I love her with everything in me.

Jenny, this photo is already almost a year old - it's time for a new one.

19 years is a long time girly, and I have no doubt that we will be those little old ladies, sitting on our porch (obviously being waited on hand and foot) drinking strawberry daquiri's and giggling about anything that comes to mind.


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matt and ashley said...

Ooo..I might just agree with this little plot you have.. :)