Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 4!

Opps....soo...I already missed a day!!! My excuse is due to a 3:30 a.m. bedtime Friday night, long flight and utter exhaustion all afternoon/evening. But! I remembered today!!

The wedding was AMAZING and I will post more on it tomorrow! Ashley was beautiful, and Matt was head over heels. I can't wait to share photos.

One of my favorite parts about the trip was meeting (at LONG last) Nina, Matt's sister. I had gchat-ed with her numerous times and have heard only about 567,409 times from Ashley how amazing and great she is, and turns out? EVERYTHING I've heard is true. She is amazing and quite possibly my new best friend. Aaaaannnnndddddd I got to meet Kristin, Matt's brother's girlfriend. I haven't talked to her before, but I fell in love twice this weekend. These two girls are....beYOND amazing. It was an amazing weekend. So much fun!

And now, I'm going to bed. Turns out...I'm old, and 9:10 is a perfectly acceptable bedtime!

Until tomorrow....

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