Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 7!

Okay I have a realllly good excuse for not posting yesterday (maybe not a good excuse, but a fun excuse!). I got home from work yesterday and my wonderful husband had already started the laundry and cleaned the kitchen, so our only goal for the night was to finish putting away Christmas stuff. Well.....THAT turned into me rearranging our entire living space! We have one "great" room that I have to fit a kitchen table, living room and office into (trust me, NOT an easy feat). When we moved in, I just kinda put things around so that I could unpack and function. wouldn't recognize my house now :) We moved furniture, swapped desks for our kitchen table (which is actually a desk top from IKEA so it doesn't look funky, don't worry). And then we ran to IKEA to get a REAL kitchen table (which ended up being another desk top!) We didn't get home until about 9, and rearranged the office area and by the time 9:45 rolled around I was about ready to sleep on the floor where I was standing. I was so sleepy and decided to sleep instead of post. So there's my excuse, but let me tell you, I LOVE my home now. It's great!!

Matt and Ashely's photos will be up soon! I'm about to have a mob on my hands if I don't get them up! My home took first place last night, but don't worry to all of you that are checking every 3 minutes (*cough* Nina!)....they will be coming!

Happy Wednesday!

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momo said...

Betho: remember, posting every day is a "goal" not a hard and fast rule. No excuses required.