Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 8!

After MUCH waiting and what I've heard has become a life consuming addiction of checking for photos......I present to you - MATT AND ASHLEY!!!

I just don't really even know where to start. Ashley and I have talked DAILY about this day since her Easter egg engagement, and it was finally here, and it was so wonderful. It took me days to go through 1800 photos to find the best ones for the slide show and to tell about the day.

First of all, before I start to gush about my amazing friend and her new husband, I want to talk about the families. I finally had the pleasure of meeting Ashley's family...especially her mom. Mrs. Rowe - you are beautiful, amazing, gracious, and loving and I loved getting to know you. You have no idea how much Ashley looks up to you and adores you, and believe me, it's so easy to see why.

I also wanted to thank Matt's parents for their hospitality, and especially Matt's mom for EVERYTHING that you did for this wedding. I so much appreciated the help that you selflessly gave to these two. You went so much above and beyond, and I want to make sure you know it was noticed. Ashley loves you both so much, and I have been very blessed by you both.

Aaaaand to my new best friends, Kristin and Nina. Kristen - I haven't stayed awake until 3:30 in the morning in YEARS. girl. That just goes to show how awesome you are! And Nina...Nina, Nina.....please move to Chicago. I had SO MUCH FUN with you. You are everything and more in person that you are via gchat ;) You were the biggest help ever on the wedding day especially, and it blessed me to see you bless my Ashley like that. She didn't have to worry about anything, because you were there to take care of it. Oh, and I tried to only pick the best photos of you ;) I think you're amazing. Really really.

Folks, this is what Nina looked like most of the day - cell phone, keys, and whatever else Ash needed in hand!


Okay - now for a couple snapshots that need stories....

This little man....stole my heart. I think there are even a couple of photos of just him in the slideshow! He stood with the groomsmen throughout the ceremony (with the exception of an absolutely necessary potty break!) and he just tried SO hard to stand still and behave, but apparently love stories aren't that thrilling to little men :) He was just the cuuuutest thing!


Ashley did her little sister's make up. Maybe you need to know Ashley and the love she has for her sisters, but she LOVES these girls. And I love the focus on her face.


The daddy/daughter dance made me cry. This man....LOVES his daughter.



The post-ceremony photo - where the bride and groom have 3 seconds alone before their wedding party crushes them, is always so so sweet.


Umm....I love her. Ashley looks like this a lot. She just has a lot of joy. And she might laugh louder than me.


Aaaand I love them. Together.


The day was amazing. Ashley - it turned out beautiful. You did an amazing job, and even though the road was long and little bumpy, you're married!!! Now the best part begins, the wedding was the easy part :) I can't wait to hear about the first fight because you left your towel on the floor again....or someone didn't put away the dishes.

Matt - I can't imagine anyone better suited for my woman. (I'm going to stop there because I'm getting all teary again.)

I love you both SO MUCH. If you haven't gotten enough cold in Seattle, Chicago is cold until May.....

Oh! The song on this slide show (sorry, Matt :) ) has a story with it. Ashley came to visit last fall, and I picked her up from the airport and this song came on. After BLASTING it out of the speakers, windows down, belting it out in our best tones...Ashley begged me to play this for her wedding. And I just had to...because this song speaks about endurance and PASSION. And if there is anything that you are, Ash,it's passionate. And your love for Matt is passionate.

I love you guys.


Steven Ryne Photography said...

Great Shots! I love the one of the woman at the reception dancing! Great Job Beth OF COURSE! ;)

momo said...


You got some amazing pics!!! Ashley was a beautiful bride and you captured that loveliness. Congrats to the bride/groom and photographer!!

diane rowe said...

You are AMAZING!! I have to admit, I was checking 2-3 times a day - not as bad as Nina but almost. :) You have such a gift and I want to thank-you for sharing it with our family. It was so great to finally meet you and I can see why Ash loves you so much!