Friday, February 13, 2009

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NIck and I had a date night tonight, and we went to see "he's just not that into you". I was so excited! Big name cast, adorable story was bound to be a cute movie, and it was! It was funny, slightly painful in parts, endearing, and best of all - it was about love.

Yes, I cried at the end. Twice. See, the girl, Gigi, spends the entire movie learning how to tell if a guy is into her. She had an argument for every unreturned, or never made, call, or a "friend of a friend" story of falling madly in love against all odds. She is told by this guy she meets, Alex, that those kinds of stories are the exception and she, Gigi, is the rule. So she spends the rest of the movie teaching herself to accept that she is the "rule", and there is no "great love story" in her future. Another story line, is about a couple that has been together for 7 years, and she keeps waiting for him to want to get married, and he keeps saying that he doesn't believe in marriage. She ends up leaving him, realizing that she wants a MARRIAGE. Well, you can guess that as all great chick flicks go, these couples both end up together at the end!

But I have to explain this to you. Gigi and Alex come together at the end, and he says that he can't stop thinking about her, and all those amazing things that men say when they're in love. He kisses her, and she looks at him in wonderment and says "'I'm the exception" and he says "you're my exception". THAT! That right there. That is the reason I want to be a wedding photographer. Because for every bride I meet, she is the exception. For every couple that tells me their love story....they are the exceptional story. 

The second love story concludes with the guy and the girl getting back together, and he proposes. But see, the girl comes to a point first where she realizes that the marriage isn't what's important. He treats her well, he cherishes her, he takes care of her, he takes care of her family. He does all the "husbandly" things, just without the ring. Those are the things that are important. It's not the dress, it's not the event, it's not the ring. It's about the man that loves a girl. I love SO MUCH being a very very small part of that kind of a love story. I love seeing that kind of love, and being in the middle of it. 

For every wedding I shoot, and for every bride I meet, I'm in the middle of exception.

Exceptional love.
Exceptional beauty.
Exceptional passion. 

And I love every single second of it!

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Hilary said...

This was super sweet and I loved it.

And this is also why the Lange girls (or previously known as) are known for ruining the ending of movies.. Haha, I love you!